How to match wallpaper with floor, sofa and curtains

How exactly to match wallpaper and flooring?
For individuals who like white floors, it is recommended to employ a gray-white floor. Many households now like to use white floors, hoping to have a quiet house atmosphere. It is recommended to employ a lighter color such as for example grayish white, which is usually easy to provide a feeling of tranquility, and will not cause the “top-large” light color of the wall.
The yellow floor should be matched with adjacent color walls. Some families prefer to employ a slightly yellow floor. The wall structure uses the “adjacent color” rule to choose a dark yellow or light yellow color next to the yellow color. Very warm atmosphere.

The black-brown floor should be equipped with ivory color. The dark-colored floor has solid charm and expressiveness. The personality is distinctive. For instance, the color of the floor with red tone gives a strong feeling. If the wallpaper is also thick, it will appear. Not harmonized. But choose to have ivory or light gray, and the black brown ground will form a feeling of unity.
The dark brown floor should be fitted with a beige, and some heads of households are prepared to match the white walls to the dark brown floor, which makes the ground appear dark. If the wall structure selection is the same as the beige color of the cashmere, the color of the wall space and flooring will be simpler to access and the space will be larger. The style is simple, fresh and elegant.

Color affects people’s visual effects, warm shades are expanded, and cool colors are contracted. Therefore, the floor of a little room should choose a cool color of dark color, or a simple and bright floor, which makes people feel the expansion of the area. If you select a warm color floor with a solid color, it’ll make the space appear narrower and increase the feeling of depression. In addition, in the choice of color, should prefer small texture or right grain effect, avoid huge and chaotic patterns.

How to match wallpaper and sofa?
Proposal 1: Space for the main character
Ask yourself first, the type of feeling would you like? Think about space first, after that choose furniture. The colour of the wallpaper is definitely the primary color, and the jewelry is just embellishment. The whole group of sofas and walls are coordinated colours, the living room is large, and the color of the whole set of sofas can be bold. Want focus, jump out with an individual chair with a particular shape and color.

Proposal 2: Taking home furniture as the primary corner
If the furniture is the main character, the space is the same color. Crimson wallpaper could be retro primary color leather sofa, green wallpaper is suitable for English natural leather sofa with key, purple wallpaper is suitable for all white natural leather sofa. In the colour matching of the furniture, the coffee desk or the side desk uses the medium wood or metal glazing material, the large area sofa has the weight feeling, the light color sofa has the dark pillow, and vice versa, the contrast color or the comparable color may be used, the focus is not More than 3 colors to avoid clutter.
Proposal 3: Coordinating similar colors
The combination of a single color system and a similar color system is coordinated, but the space is simple to flow in monotonous and lifeless. For example, the wallpaper is normally light blue, the sofa comes in dark blue, and the pillow is made from contrasting orange or conflicting red or multi-coloured patterns. It is advisable to add a pot of green trees. Earth color matching under no circumstances fails since it comes from character. In the house is usually a color sofa, you can take one color from the fabric as the colour of the wallpaper.

Proposal 4: Rhythm contrast color
Contrast color beating, reddish wallpaper green sofa, emphasizing the shape of the sofa, very jumping but easy to see tired, generally recommended not to be utilized, can only be utilized in important areas. Orange, reddish, and yellow warm-shaded sofas, as opposed to the blue, green, and purple-colored color wallpapers, match one another, furthermore to vivid, but also produce a sense of rhythm. The same set of blue sofas produces a different feel beneath the background of a white wall or an orange-red wall or a yellow wall. Blue and yellow can be added with a neutral color green to reconcile. The wallpaper and the sofa are in the same color or very similar colors, and the contrasting color pillow can be utilized to jump the colour.

How to match wallpaper and curtains?
Different styles of wallpaper with a carefully decided on curtain often bring a dreamy surprise alive. Opening the entranceway, wallpaper curtains are often the most eye-catching due to the positioning advantage, and the decision of wallpaper and curtains can fully display the owner’s flavor and pursuit, so the purchase of wallpaper curtains is particularly important. Therefore how to help make the wallpaper and curtains properly match, to ensure that our living room is more romantic, passionate and quality?

The combination of wallpaper and curtains mainly pays focus on both color and shape.
Color part: To begin with, the colour of the curtains and wallpaper must complement one another. If the wallpaper is certainly chosen to be ordinary, then the curtains can be slightly more elegant. For instance, you can select the style of hollowing out or three-dimensional embroidery, that will mobilize the flexibility of the whole house.
Second of all, the curtains and wallpapers should be matched with the entire home environment, which includes end up being the default rule for purchasing curtain wallpapers. For example, brown wallpaper, brownish velvet curtains, and the same color of the ground and table and seat, typical Western classical decoration design, can make the atmosphere of the whole room exquisite and elegant.
Form part: The style of the curtain should match the style of the wallpaper. If the wallpaper is usually American nation style, the curtain cannot choose a Chinese style. If the wallpaper Fabric Wallcoverings chooses a style with a small pattern (such as for example pastoral style, European courtroom style), then when choosing curtains, it is not recommended to select a curtain with a small pattern and a curtain. In any other case it will appear that the area is not generous and stable. It is best to choose plain or somewhat striped curtains.

An ideal match between wallpaper and curtains is highly recommended with regards to color and style. Both of these can add color to your home life, increase romance and increase taste.