Wallpaper is installed in household soft use maintains 6 big experience!

Wallpaper regards household as soft outfit essential one annulus, having decisive effect in building decorate and essential style, so what place needs to notice in choosing and building process? We’ve come up with six suggestions today to see if indeed they help you.

The first result

Utilize the concave and convex surface area of wall structure body opportunely, or choose a less conspicuous position, could be a method that saves effort more, may show host again the tiny idea on the home.

Additional, also can combine wall paper and metope coating, make whole living space richer have change.

The second result

When you have a staircase in your home, you need to use clever wallpaper to decorate the staircase with lots of white space. Got better coordinate with stair handrail photograph on color, with lubricious it is the choice that won’t make a mistake most.

If entrance porch place does not have ambry, basic and practical stool and the wallpaper that mirror with it can add color for living space many.

Note that if the wallpaper is placed along the floor, do not forget to decide on a color-matched kick line.

The third result

When choosing wallpaper for the bed room, do not use color so far as possible too gorgeous style, should give priority to with the surroundings that builds quiet and simple to sleep.

In the adornment of children room, wall paper can allow whole space lively rise at a draught quickly. Children room should target both sides typically play and rest function, same cause, unfavorable also choice colour lighting and saturation are too tall color.

Pure quality wallpaper color is definitely rich, pattern is definitely diversiform, and environmental protection does not have peculiar smell, change not too difficult, first push.

The Non-Woven Wall paper fourth result

Bathroom sticks wall paper, might have surprising originality, some people worry waterproof issue, but even if be 100 % pure paper wall paper actually, also have very good waterproof moistureproof performance now, wish to accomplish not stick to rise at any time the place that has water splash commonly won’t have big problem. Do not trust really also can choose moistureproof mouldproof function good nonwoven cloth wallpaper.

The fifth result

Wallpaper base film is some sort of protective agent of wall body, domestic would be to ask building party to stay wallpaper commonly, can suggest to use bottom film, if do not make use of wallpaper old, can transform color.

And the wallpaper service life that USES base film can total 8-9 years. Wallpaper base film is normally a zero-formaldehyde acid, the purpose is to neutralize the alkaline material of the wall, so you will see a period of time following the construction of acid.

Use sandpaper burnish brush the metope of base film, make metope more level off. Brush the dust when burnish metope with little wool clean, make a difference the stickiness of wall paper glue otherwise, later on period appears easily become warped edge phenomenon.

The sixth result

The indoor temperature difference shall not be too big within one month following the completion of construction. Dirty can be swabbed with the cleaner after sponge touchs dilute, if wall paper produces warped advantage, usable wall paper glue is normally brushed undertake processing in warped advantage place.

If wallpaper foams, can inject glue with syringe, press gently following, wipe off superfluous glue finally may.

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