After original wall paper sticks good, want to do so, what parwonder my home can craze!

A great deal of friends like to decorate wall structure with picture, because its Classic Wall covering construction is basic, various style is extremely very much, and the sensation that still appears craze not easily. But recently a warm-hearted netizen reported that the wallpapers of their house had just been installed and discovered that the picture was protruding, some locations also appeared splits. It is usually him to watch over function on the place apparently, building get good at is normally extremely serious, how can such?

Afterwards after the inquiry found that in the picture, open up the windows ventilation, in reality, this is not necessary. Because draught can make wallpaper manages to lose water quickly, provide about shrink quickly trend. Therefore what do you perform when you put up picture? Let xiaobian take you to analyze the following analysis.

The shop sticks wallpaper to abstain from most namely rush to work. With additional metope add on material is different, when the shop stays wallpapers, metope moistureproof processing wants to reach the placement specifically. Be sure to cover the wall completely with bottom film before placing up picture. If in purchase to surface finish the task forward of period and blindly rush function, the wall structure bottom do not really satisfy the construction requirements, it is certainly easy to go incorrect. Specifically did not really dried out completely, wallpaper is normally simple to show up in the potential craze, mildew, drum and additional problems.

Remind everybody must wait around for metope bottom to dry completely thus after the store stays wallpaper once again.

Shop insert process should also supervise workers, not blindly fast. And if encounter overcast rain climate, maybe surroundings dampness is definitely too big, still need fair shutdown, had better select the construction of fairly sunny and dry climate additionally.

The incident that also can get to afore – mentioned netizen, wallpaper should nature shade is dried out.

After sticking wallpaper, owner should not really be anxious to seek success, cannot open door window to let metope dry quickly, because such very easy, let wallpaper lose water quickly and produce shrink change, appear conveniently baggy, bubble, craze to wait for a circumstance.

Appropriately, should close door window, wait for wallpaper nature shade to dry. Generally about 3 times. This can assure quality better!

So how to allow beloved wall structure paper use ten, 20 even decades? Wish the home to shine constantly beautiful be like new, wallpapers beauty is usually like at the outset, weekday maintenance and maintenance are little not really! So how to carry on maintenance to wall structure paper? Make sure you do the pursuing:

House wallpaper maintenance

1, the foundation of metope when sticking wall structure paper above all is about very great, metope had better be brushed wall structure paint and not be blown be bored with child pink only, because be bored with child green long hind can drop light red, wall paper character may stay not.

2, just store the area that sticks good wall structure paper, should close door home window, prohibit strong blowing wind to blow wildly fierce setback, must permit picture be in color dry out condition. If do not really do this handling, the wallpapers that just sticks good fears to have warped advantage or the circumstance that rise drum appears. Next, need to keep the place that sticks wallpaper not really to want as well moist!

3, after confirming wallpaper is completely dry and finalize the style, must make sure the windows in the house often is opened, assure its ventilated, once uncovered the phenomenon that become warped must use professional wallpapers adhesive to stick, press with the reserve next ok.

4, stay stay with stick good after 3 to 4 days, usable and small wet plane hand towel or sponge wipe wallpapers seam place place to keep gently glue. Wallpapers maintenance is a regular behavior, must become performed every time. Should make use of feather duster to carry with wallpaper above everyday, prevent picture above end up being filled with dust;

5, wallpaper is paper after all, can wipe but not resistant to knock, such as found a slight or insignificant damage, the same color wallpaper can be utilized to make up for the color.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Concave and convex picture, every 3~6 weeks, workable cleaner or gentle wool brush clean off surface area dirt.

7, all the regular washing of picture metope is vacuum cleanser regularly to metope, the vacuum suction can, daily found special dirty tag to erase, metope can use dry scrubbing up drinking water level of resistance is the technique, after washing with dry towel blot, for not drinking water resistant metope may use dry out scrubbing, such as usable eraser to clean or drop in with hand towel dry out washing liquid after graze, anyhow is to remove the dirt in time, or time will keep long lasting marks.

8, daily finding of particular dirty marks should be promptly erased, water resistant picture such as the holy icon wallpapers can be swabbed with water, dry towel can be utilized after washing; For the drinking water resistant wall structure cloth such as ocean ji cloth wall structure cloth to wipe with rubber, or with a towel dropped in some washing fluid wring dry clean. At common times to pay interest to prevent hard items impact, friction wallpapers and wall material. If some place point trend, wish to provide subsidy in period, cannot enable its advancement.

9, stick the wall paper after good, after two to three years should notice juncture and turning stage, discover to possess become warp-sided trend, should keep immediately, can lengthen the use time of wallpaper.