The collocation of wallpaper and curtain, just be the art that lives in superlative class!

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The wallpaper of different style deserves to move up the curtain that chooses meticulously, often may bring the surprise that expect is significantly less than for the bedroom.
Open door, since the area position benefit of wallpaper curtain is normally always the most conspicuous, and the decision of wallpaper and curtain even more can show expert grade and pursuit adequately, just how to let wallpaper and curtain perfect collocation are particularly essential.

Identify clear themes

Regarding to the various individual character of people and be keen on, should determine a theme to the bed room above all, the theme that says here includes design theme and individual character theme two respects.

Clear main and secondary, suitable subtraction

When the style theme of the area and individual character theme are decided after drop, can this for foundation, decide wallpaper and curtain cloth art product approximately colour, flower model range, and really should undertake collocation around theme.

Distinction and contrast

Vertical stripe design can raise the height of the bed room; Long pattern wallpaper has classic, decorous characteristic, it can use colour to be spread in the most effective way on entire metope, make the line of sight will not display messy rather orderly, compare joker; Large flower pattern reduces the feeling of constraint in the room.

The echo of color and pattern

When large area soft act the role of very good after, very much beautiful little idea is in adorn article above. For instance curtain matchs had been great, sofa or the cushion for leaning on of the same design and color used on the bed echo.

Adhere to the spatial ramifications of color patterns

In front of the Pure paper Wallcoverings foundation of 3 principles, the cloth art wallpaper collocation of the bedroom even now should follow the principle of distinction and contrast from each respect such as design, color, lightness, basic sense, we will be explained concretely with a few examples below.

When the bed room chose the wallpaper of stripe, therefore should avoid to use stripe so far as possible on the choice of curtain and sofa cloth art, and undertake collocation with decorative pattern.

When wallpaper is more beautiful bright bright meticulous figure, therefore curtain and sofa cloth art should so far as possible simple but elegant, white and the most light color that fastens with wallpaper is best choice.

When wallpaper may be the meticulous decorative design of plain color, the curtain might as well select the big flower materials with bright color, open up for with distinction, the sofa in front of the window with simple but elegant light ash, khaki color, cream-colored help to make a bottom, once again adorn the back pillow with the curtain echo flower model, the result gives particular color.

If for a few particular favor, color wallpaper in the space and utilize the same color fabric art, you need to use different style, technology and material, as shown in the physique the light tablecloth with exquisite hollow-out decorative pattern to distinguish with wallpaper, the wallpaper of the black and silver dark and sofa fabric art form distinction of meticulous decorative design, make them stand out.

If use the huge flower curtain of bright-coloured as local background, have the result that makes the finishing point, may as well respect it as the background of some region, undertake joining together with a kind of intermediate color in flower model, have organic transition currently, provide ornamental value extremely again, fabric artwork makes a bottom level with light color, shiny color adorns for the theory.