Wallpaper or floor first? That’s the most powerful answer I’ve ever seen!

Wallpaper or floor initial?
Say to stick wallpaper first also have, say to pass on the floor first also have, with install the entranceway initial or install the floor first this problem is same, a lot of decorate moderate purchase actually before and after change is ok, want to decorate an employee to deal with only, we know who first the attention item after who is ok.

Set up the wallpaper and the ground

Advantage: such wall paper can end, type of kick foot can press wall paper feet very good, wall structure paper hemline won’t make crack edge, the probability that rise become warped, more beautiful.

Disadvantages: simple to bruise and break the wallpaper during procedure such as for example cutting and handling. Repair the difficulty. Simultaneously, there should be three days following the wallpaper cannot open the Windows, during which you can’t spread the floor, you will have some delay in the construction period, in addition to simple to make the wallpaper dirty and broken.

Lay the floor first and the wallpaper

Advantage: laying floor action can review big, include carry, building to wait. Inevitably there will be dust, dirty wallpaper not clean, so the words are avoided.

Disadvantages: the glue falls on the floor when the wallpaper is glued, which is not easy for construction. At the same time the ground has been installed, the wallpaper advantage effect is not very good.

Our professional practice is: spread the ground first, affix the wallpaper afterwards.

The reasons are the following:

1. The edge of the wallpaper can be closed if it has a negative Angle;

2. Old wallpaper will be taken when wallpaper is place, so it will not really be placed on the floor.

3. After some of the kicking lines are finished, a clear oil ought to be put on the wallpaper, that will corrode the wallpaper.

4. When laying the floor, you can touch the wallpaper, and damage is not very good.

5. Some floor designers usually do not pay very much attention, and filthy hands touch the wallpaper, affecting the beauty;

6. If the master is not careful, cutting the wallpaper is also a hidden danger.
Say to pass on the ground first still to stick wallpaper 1st, below senior can tell everybody just how that floor and wallpaper match colors.

What contemporary repair pays focus on is the room whole style is normally tie-in, especially the collocation between wall and floor, tie-in proper, draw out the best in one another. Tie-in is usually undeserved, the sensation that gives a person is nondescript, whole home is installed overall lose.
The friend that likes white, the proposal USES floor of grey white
A lot of families like to use white floor board now, hope to have halcyon home atmosphere. The proposal USES grey white fastens await relatively lively color, give a person quickly halcyon feeling, also won’t cause wall structure color to weigh the floor color light “first large foot is light”.

Yellow floor with adjacent colors
Some families like to use the floor with slight yellowish, wall applies “adjacent color” law, can choose the dark yellow that is adjacent with Fabric Wallcovering yellowish or light yellow, such can create a very warm atmosphere.

Crimson and tan to complement ivory
The selling point of brunet tonal floor and expressive force are very strong, individual character is distinctive, if the ground itself color that takes gules tone provides person extreme sense, if wallpaper also is used color is thick, can appear dissonant move. However the choice contains ivory color or shallow ash, can form unified feeling with crimson tea floor.

Dark tan ground with cashmere
Some householders are prepared to match white wall space with dark, tan floors, which can make the ground look dark. If wall chooses to become the cashmere color that fastens with teal color, the color of wall and ground is more approachable, the space also can appear big. Simple style, fresh and elegant.