How do you have a wallpaper with a waistline?

Simple Wall covering wallpaper is a kind of wall structure decoration material. Due to its excellent decorative effect and popular and individuality, it’s the first choice for wall structure components in people’s home decoration. In order to make its ornamental effect more prominent, people gives it a waistline, that may highlight the artistic position of wallpaper. It has been widely used in Europe and america, and more and more people in the united states have begun to utilize it. So how do you perform the paste work on the wallpaper waistline? What’s the best place to paste?
Generally, there are many waist lines in the American wallpaper, including the rural style wallpaper and the waist line. The wallpaper waist collection will generally appear in the edition with the wallpaper, which may be the designer’s mix and design. Above the waistline is usually a wallpaper, underneath the waistline is normally another wallpaper, separated by a waistline. If the buyer really doesn’t like the waistline, you have to match it yourself. Just choose the style and match it.
Wallpaper waist range paving method
Best area for pasting

Generally sticking with the wall from bottom to top 1/3 (pay attention to the horizontal position), in fact, this position is not very important, because everyone’s aesthetics are different, about just how and located area of the paste, according to their own preferences Can be arbitrarily matched, so long as you feel good, so long as you like it.
Waist line at the same level

Use the wallpaper to match the series gauge, find the position where in fact the waist range is pasted, and make sure that the waist line of the complete space is on a horizontal collection.
Adopt the method of lap

After that you can use the edge-to-edge method to set the waistline between the upper and lower wallpapers, and make sure to mark them if you are completely level.
Flatten the wall

Open the bundle, rewind the waistline, make it smooth, apply wallpaper glue on the trunk of the waistline (ideally using glutinous rice glue), after 2 or 3 three minutes, press the mark on the wall structure to stick the waistline.
It is a fashion to use the waistline when pasting the wallpaper. It will become a popular way. It’s important to do the paste function. Make sure to paste it based on the above method!